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Learning Management System Tools

Template-based Authoring: Build your own interactive learning management solution using a visual layout and flexible course templates. Create and manage your e-Learning rapidly, with or without your own in-house server. Utilize your existing content such as PowerPoint, PDF, Flash, video, images or just your own ideas.

The latest trends in online training include blended learning, increased use of video, frequent audio narrations, and knowledge assessments. A good LMS, with an authoring tool like FlexAuthoring, can provide features to support all these strategic aspects of an online course.

Easy-to-use, flexible and dynamic, FlexAuthoring delivers on-demand training to over three million users worldwide. Flexauthoring is a premium component of FlexTraining, the industry-leading solution for targted interactive training.

Simple or Complex Courses FlexAuthoring is a complete, interactive, multimedia content authoring tool. FlexAuthoring is a part of the FlexTraining Total E-Learning Solution. Load latest Learning Platform onto any standard web server and start training the same day. Or use the Login & Go cloud-based subscription service.

Buy Nothing, Get Started Many companies are not interested in licensing or owning software. For them, the Login & Go program is the perfect answer. This solution eliminates the costs of server ownership and technology staff.

Utilize Existing Training Materials

With FlexAuthoring, you can re-use learning material such as procedures manuals, charts, diagrams, forms, manuals, web pages, PowerPoint presentations, movies, streamimg video and audio files. FlexAuthoring lets you re-use your learning content as many times as you wish.

Your Single-Source Solution

With the FlexAuthoring content authoring tool, FlexTraining provides a complete portfolio of integrated e-Learning tools. It is no longer necessary to buy a learning management system from one vendor, an authoring tool from another, and collaboration tools from a third. Get everything you need from one sourse, and keep it in one place as an integrated solution.

Effective Learning

Instructional designers agree that the key to effective learning is interactivity. FlexAuthoring's built-in exercise templates, dynamic images and multimedia support give you a powerful e-Learning toolset. In addition, the FlexTraining point-and-click web-based management center lets you tailor your training environment to match your requirements without costly programming.

Start Training in Days

Built-in templates jump-start your course development process, or you can drop existing content files into a proven framework to create courses in no time. Finally, software licensing and the Login & Go subscription are quick and simple, so you can get started with actual training right away.

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Learning management systems are important technology. We used the course authoring and automated delivery platform and included tools distributed and available from FlexTraining to develop our training material.